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Gerry Andrade & Associates, Inc. CPA - Torrance, CA

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Firefighters, Active and Retired, Widows

My office prepares income tax returns for numerous active and retired firefighters each year. I am familiar with all the deductions that you can take advantage of. I make sure that you pay no more tax than the law requires. In addition, my expertise in preparing tax returns for other professionals provides me with the insight to advise you on additional tax planning.

Deductible Expenses:

You can use our Firefighters Worksheet to send us your expense detail.  Once we review it we will contact you.

In order to deduct expenses in your trade, you must show the expenses as "ordinary and necessary." A necessary expense is one, which is appropriate, but not necessarily essential in your business.

Here are some tax deductible expenses:

  • Association Dues
  • House Dues
  • Union Dues
  • Laundry and Uniforms
  • Telephone Expenses
  • Continuing Education
  • Equipment
  • Auto and Travel

As a firefighter in Southern California, you may know many of the clients I serve.

I will be more than happy to give references  upon request. I will review your income tax return to insure that your preparer is taking the maximum deduction allowed by the law. If you have a simple return, the meeting will be brief. If you have a complicated return, the meeting will be longer, but the time will be well spent.