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IRS Problems

Don't go through the uncertainty and anguish of an IRS audit alone. I provide audit assistance. This is one of my strengths! In the event of a tax audit, I am qualified to represent you on behalf of the IRS. I have represented many taxpayers on IRS audits which resulted in no additional tax owed and have taken cases to appeals and reversed erroneous tax and penalties.

Peace Of Mind

I stand by my clients; I will pay any penalty and interest because of my misinterpretation or error. However, additional taxes assessed remain your responsibility. Even if the return was prepared by another preparer, I can assist you in how to prepare for an audit.

Here are some tips when receiving an IRS letter.

Respond to the letter before the deadline

Answer and address all issues of an inquiry

Consult a professional before signing any IRS agreement

Review with a professional the IRS figures and conclusions

Never ignore an IRS letter!

Neglecting any or all of the above can cost you time and money. Penalties and interest can cost much more than professional assistant. So if you receive an IRS letter or audit, please call my office immediately.