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Firefighters, Active and Retired, Widows

My office prepares income tax returns for numerous active and retired firefighters each year. I am familiar with all the deductions that you can take advantage of. I make sure that you pay no more tax than the law requires. In addition, my expertise in preparing tax returns for other professionals provides me with the insight to advise you on additional tax planning.


What to keep and how long?

Tax records should be kept on a daily basis, not hastily assembled just for the annual tax meeting. Without tax records, you can lose valuable deductions by forgetting them on your tax return, or worse yet, they may be disallowed if you are audited.

Generally, the IRS can request an audit for up to three years after filing, four years in California. If there is substantial unreported income, the IRS may audit your tax returns for up to six years.


IRS Problems

Don't go through the uncertainty and anguish of an IRS audit alone. I provide audit assistance. This is one of my strengths! In the event of a tax audit, I am qualified to represent you on behalf of the IRS. I have represented many taxpayers on IRS audits which resulted in no additional tax owed and have taken cases to appeals and reversed erroneous tax and penalties.

Peace Of Mind

I stand by my clients; I will pay any penalty and interest because of my misinterpretation or error. However, additional taxes assessed remain your responsibility. Even if the return was prepared by another preparer, I can assist you in how to prepare for an audit.


Trusts, Estates & Gift Planning

Proper planning can save you thousands of dollars.

There are two things in life, death and taxes. Proper planning will prevent Uncle Sam from getting the major portion of your hard-earned money. The top estate rate is 47%.

Assets exceeding $2,000,000 in the years 2006 - 2008, and $3,500,000 in the year 2009 may be taxed as high as 47%. In the year 2010 the estate tax is abolished so the exemption is unlimited and in 2011 the estate tax is reinstated with a $1,000.000 exemption unless Congress and the President enact and sign a bill.


Tax Planning & Preparation

It is my job to see that you pay the minimum tax allowed by the law. 

As a Certified Public Accountant, I am required to take extensive continuing education courses to maintain my level of expertise, so I may be up to date with ever changing tax law. My job is to monitor the changes in the tax law that affect you and recommend tax savings.

If you are contacted by the IRS concerning your income tax return, you must call me first. I will take care of it so you may have less stress in your life.